Yusuf Ali-Taleb on his amateur MMA debut, first loss and joining GB Top Team (Part 2)

Yusuf Ali-Taleb looks back on his successful amateur MMA debut against Rafel Collenase at Cage Warriors Academy. Yusuf also talks to us about joining Brad Pickett’s GB Top Team in South London. The Kickboxing champion tells us about his first loss in MMA competition against an experienced Dom Rogers and the importance of taking on […]

Sarah Worsfold on her childhood and juggling motherhood and her fighting career (Part 4)

Sarah Worsfold talks about being born in East Ham before moving to Hornchurch. Sarah also talks about dealing with some anger and resentment after losing her mother at 6 years old. Worsfold explains how she juggles motherhood with training and competing in combat sport.

Kate Bacik on working with ATM, London Grapple and Team Daniel Sam (Part 4)

Kate Bacik talks about working with her former manager Martin Ireland and Alpha Talent Management. Kate also talks about the health issues she faced before her grappling match at Polaris 18. The Queen of the South tells us about her Brazilian Jiu-Jitus training at London Grapple and working on her striking with Daniel Sam.

Shanelle Dyer on Lizzy Gevers, the French fans, and The Good Fight Club (Part 2)

Shanelle “The Nightmare” Dyer talks about returning to France to face her PFL Europe debut against Lizzy Gevers. Shanelle tells us about her growing French fanbase who have travelled to GB Top Team to meet her. The Nightmare also looks back on her feature in The Good Fight Club series and the co-sign from UFC […]

AEW World Champion, MJF, vs Adam Cole | AEW Countdown to All In: London.

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