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Focus Mode: Alex Montagnani

Focus Mode: Alex Montagnani


After more than a year on from his last fight, Alex Montagnani once again steps inside the cage where he fights Mick Stanton at Cage Warriors 105. UK Fight Site caught up with the Londoner to discuss his career to date and what the future holds for him.

In 2011 and after just 2 amateur MMA fights, Alex felt the time was right to join the professional ranks. Whilst it’s a risk for some fighters to turn pro quickly, Alex had over 20 years experience in martial arts to fall back on. Starting with Judo at aged 4, he worked his way up, competing with Team GB members. Having a natural aptitude for combat sports Alex made his way to MMA and never looked back.

Away from the cage, Alex is a family man, living with his 3 children and wife to be in Streatham. All the sacrifices, the ups, and the downs are for them. The chance to provide a great life is the driving force behind his MMA journey and it is clear that he lives in a very supportive environment. There is a timetable up in the kitchen with a weekly training regime and in the children’s bedroom, posters of Alex’s past fights can be found on the walls. Seeing him around his home and family, it’s impossible to imagine the same man steps into a cage wanting to inflict pain. Alex is a gentle, thoughtful and respectful man.

Looking ahead to Cage Warriors 105. Alex is refreshingly honest about what’s going to happen. He doesn’t know. Never one to make predictions, Alex simply concentrates on himself and controls what he can. His last time out at Cage Warriors was against Craig White which effectively was a UFC eliminator. Alex lost in round 2 and Craig went on to sign with the Vegas promotion. Being so close to what most MMA fighters see as the holy grail, you would expect that Alex was devastated by the loss. However, he accepted it, got back to training and looked for the next opportunity.

For most fighters, the next opportunity means the next fight. However, Alex is forging a career away from the cage in film. With over 40 screen credits he has built a solid showreel which he wants to grow and his next project is an MMA film shooting in August. Not only does he have a speaking role, but Alex is also in charge of the fight choreography which is another string to his bow. This versatility gives an insight into why Alex’s mindset is so strong. Rather than relying on just MMA to provide for his family, he has many avenues and ways in which to put food on the table. Once in the cage, this gives Alex freedom and looseness. Examples of the calm and clear thinking can be seen in his wins against Martin Hudson and more recently Shah Hussain. The latter, a perfect illustration of the aforementioned mental strength, with the win coming just 2 months after his loss to Craig White.

On the evening of 31st May, Alex will once again have the platform to shine. Whether his hand is raised or he is defeated, I get the feeling that Alex won’t get too high or low. He loves what he does and dedicates his life to it. However, he seemingly can separate the many facets to his life putting him in a position of strength for the road ahead. Whether it’s UFC or Hollywood – Alex will surely be entertaining us on screen for years to come.

Cage Warriors 105: Alex Montagnani vs. Mick Stanton
Charter Hall, Colchester
Live on UFC Fight Pass
Friday 31st May