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Focus Mode: Bernise Alldis

Focus Mode: Bernise Alldis


For the latest version of Focus Mode – UK Fight Site caught up with Muay Thai, Kickboxing, and MMA star Bernise Alldis. We talk about her career so far, her call-up to ONE Championship, and what she wants for her legacy.

May 2021 was meant to be the month that Bernise made a statement to the combat sports world. However – due to her opponent pulling out just weeks before her ONE Championship debut – Bernise is now in that horrible position no fighter wants to be in. Training with intensity and preparing for a fight with no one lined up. This is something Bernise talked about being the most frustrating in her game – things totally out of your control derailing all the hard work during fight camp.

It is worth noting that Bernise’s career nearly ended around 8 years ago after the birth of her son Theo. By that stage, she had already won 6 titles in Kickboxing so the time was right to take a break from fighting. The 3-year gap didn’t seem to take its toll. In 2015 she made a return and within 4 fights she had added another 2 belts to her already incredible resume. The 2nd of the two was won at Muay Thai Grand Prix 6 and by some kind of perfect synergy, who was the first person in the ring celebrating? Theo.

After 1 more Muay Thai win – taking her record to 37 and 4 – Bernise’s career had another change of direction into MMA. And just like Kickboxing and Muay Thai it didn’t take long for wins to roll in. 2 amateur victories and then 3 more in the pro ranks caught the attention of ONE Championship.

So having achieved 8 titles in a career spanning 15 years it would be easy for Bernise to take her foot off the pedal. However, she has one last thing she wants to achieve before the gloves are hung up. When she eventually makes her debut in ONE, a win for Bernise will likely be followed by a title shot. Now if she was to raise the belt above her head for the 9th time, could that be a good time to bow out? History tells us that it won’t be that simple. After winning her WBC title in 2016 Bernise vowed to retire but in her own words, fighting is in her blood and 5 years later she is still going strong.

Seeing firsthand Bernise train with long-time coach Rory Crawford it seems clear that she won’t be leaving the sport soon. The crispness, timing, and strength of her drills have an intensity that says she won’t stop until history is made.

First-ever British Female titleholder in ONE Championship? Watch this space.

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